Friday, February 4, 2011

Is Mubarak like the Pharaoh?

Is Mubarak like the Pharaoh?

The stubbornness of Mubarak  reminds me of the stubbornness of the pharaoh who refused to  let the jewish people go free.  One plague after another afflicted Egypt but the pharaoh did not budge. Eventually his only son was killed and only then did the pharaoh melt. Mubarak has held power for 30 years and he does not want to give it away although the majority of Egyptians do not want him. 
Times have certainly changed, but the style of ruling has not changed .

Obama's Dilema 

     There is no doubt that president Obama had a vision for bringing peace to the Middle East. However noble his vision may be, he has settled with previous American policies. Successive presidents from Truman onwards, paid less importance to the interests of the majority Arab population and were preoccupied with the interests of Israel. This type of one sided policy is in the long run untenable.  

     When Mubarak falls,  Israel will then have lost it's only ally in the Middle East. How could Israel survive in the long run, surrounded by enemies? The important question for President Obama and the United States is for how long they could sustain the present policy of befriending Israel while not doing anything about the Palestinians, which is a thorn in side  the Arab world. 

     A lot of tension is likely to continue in the Middle East, unless there is  a shift in American policy. That is the challenge facing President Obama. 

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