Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Crown is No Cure for a Headache

The above title is the possible path to being a finer person.  Imagine wearing a crown of diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.  The crown symbolizes much of what this world has to offer: fame, wealth, and power. Through history, there has always been an intense competition to pursuer these three goals, even if it meant trampling on the toes of others.  Although highly sought after, the crown has definite limits. It cannot do for you what a simple aspirin can do; it is incapable of curing your headache.

Still, the wish to possess goods is a powerful urge.  It stems from the fear of being denied our necessities, and hence a quest for unlimited security.
This point is illustrated in the story of two children who stole food to avert the pangs of hunger.  Despite being subsequently rescued and fed, they brazenly continued to steal food.  Memories of constant hunger had made a lasting imprint that they couldn’t overcome.

Similarly, a question to ponder is why some millionaires, having suffered poverty during their childhood, spend their adult lives aggressively accumulating even more wealth.  Part of the answer lies in a never-ending acquisitive urge and another in the fact that a crown is no cure for a headache.  In other words, we need spiritual values to sustain us with lasting satisfaction in a materialistic world.

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